About Us

I’m so glad you found me! After more than 25 years in the financial services business, I realized it was necessary for me to start my own financial planning and investment management firm.


The Wozny Financial Philosophy Starts with You

There is almost nothing more important to building wealth and achieving financial independence than working with a trusted partner. Someone who can get to know you – not just your accounts. Someone who you can reach when you have a question.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned, maintained my time-tested philosophies about financial planning and investment management, left behind ideas and practices that don’t work, and launched Wozny Capital Advisors.

At Wozny Capital Advisors, you’ll receive personalized concierge quality financial, retirement, and college planning, estate planning, tax planning, and investment management services. Whether you need some or all the services offered, your financial plan is tailored to your individual situation.

You don’t need to sell investments or make radical changes to your plan just to become a client. And, yes, I’m still a fiduciary – obligated to act in your best interest.
Anderson Wozny

Led by Anderson Wozny

I have worked for a small independent brokerage firm, insurance companies, a financial planning practice, a regional bank, and for one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory firms in the country.

I have been mentored by incredible practitioners and thought leaders. I had the opportunity to not only learn the practice of financial planning but also the business.

For a time, I also co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio show focused on personal finance and had appearances on numerous television and radio programs.

Most important of all, I had the honor of helping to guide the financial decisions of hundreds of individuals and families over the years. I’ve been a trusted advisor to clients through marriages (and divorces), job changes, raising families, educating children, retirement, and beyond.

There have been many lessons over the years, and I bring each of them to the work I do for you.


Yes. At Wozny Capital Advisors we operate as fiduciaries, and we are obligated to give advice that benefits you. We operate on a fee basis.

Yes, we charge fees for our services. However, we also believe that fees should not be a deterrent to working with an advisor. As such, we offer two types of fee structures. The first is a traditional “assets under management” approach in which we charge fees based on the amount of assets that we manage for clients. We also offer an annual financial planning engagement for those that want ongoing comprehensive financial, tax, and estate planning, but don’t want or need investment management services.

Well, of course, that depends on what you want. Working with a large company certainly has some advantages. For you, the biggest advantage is that the company has proven it has staying power (at least to this point). This is no guarantee of the future, as large organizations can and do go out of business. But, there is a sense that the longer they have been in business the longer they are likely to stay in business. So, you get a sense of comfort. After that though, the advantages are few for you. Sure, the larger the company, the more money it can spend on marketing, real estate, executive pay packages, and so on. Our concern is providing you the best guidance tailored to your situation. And while we may be small, we have partnered with large organizations to provide you with the services that a multi-billion dollar company can provide with concierge service.

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