<a href="/team/anderson-wozny/">Anderson Wozny</a>

Anderson Wozny

Managing Director
<a href="/team/danielle-bailey/">Danielle Bailey</a>

Danielle Bailey

Financial Planning Analyst
<a href="/team/victoria-defreitas/">Victoria DeFreitas</a>

Victoria DeFreitas

Client Service Specialist
<a href="/team/kathryn-louttit-jd/">Kathryn Louttit, JD</a>

Kathryn Louttit, JD

Chief Compliance Officer

Additional Resources

Home office support staff that assist with compliance oversight, technology and marketing.

<a href="/team/jacob-stewart/">Jacob Stewart</a>

Jacob Stewart

Chief Information Security Officer
<a href="/team/kevin-elvington/">Kevin Elvington</a>

Kevin Elvington

Director of Marketing